How we Train

Training of Eagle Eye Team

Our guards including ex-service personnel are fully trained and well versed in the handling of fire flighting equipment, CCTV camera systems, electronic detection systems and all other industrial security requirements with a view of obviating all security risks at sight, Also guards are trained with an aptitude for public relation, courtesy and smartness. Senior management officials both of Directorates level and Managerial level will visit your organization for verifications and security discussions, which will help to create risk-free security environment to our valued customers, We have experienced security officers to train the guards and details of our training areas are as follows.

Training on Customer Service & Relations
Fire-awareness, Fire-control and Fire-management and Use of firefighting equipment
First Aid course
Driver & Rider Training.
Training on Investigation & Surveillance.
Refresher course and workshops for Managers and Supervisors.
Weapon handling and firing
Tailor-Made Course on the relevant field