Security Staff Structure

Security Staff Structure

Visiting Security managers(VSM)

VSMs are directly dealing with the officials of the customer and attend all operational matters in the site. He visits the site during day and night to supervise the shortcomings, He possesses with good command of English, has training in the aptitude for public relation, courtesy & smartness while ensuring the better business and safety to the customer.

Officers in Charge(OIC)

The OIC reports to the VSM and is responsible for the JSOs and LSOs. He possesses with good command of English, public relation skill and leading of his team to achieve objective manner.

Senior Security Officers(SSO)

The SSO is the senior-most guard among the junior ranks and has the responsibility to converse at length. He has been trained to patrol and will assist to liaise with the police where necessary, body searching and handling of all security-related equipment and maintaining of documents.

Special Task Guard Officers(STGO)

The STGOs are ex-members of the Armed Forces having undergone intensive combat training. All our STGOs have undergone through the code of conduct training while in the armed forces. They are polite and courteous. They have trained with firearms handling (day & night) and all other industrial security-related activities.

Junior Security Officers(JSO)/ Lady Security Officers(LSO)

JSOs/LSOs are trained to carry out observations, body searches, handling of security equipment, document maintenance and other industrial security-related activities.